Popular succulents in understated pink and mustard pots

No sleep needed to have these Candy Dreams. This duo of sweet succulents comes with two 4” Sansevieria Hahnii – one Variegated yellow, and one dark green. Also known as Bird's Nest Snake plants, their dark, glossy funnel-shaped leaves form an elegant rosette that rivals any candy store selection. The pink and yellow candied pots etched with Nazca-inspired lines are sure to be a sugar rush for your home. Also, candy and greens at the same time? You’re welcome, parents.

Besides being easy-care houseplants needing little water and indirect sunlight, they’re also visually stunning. Hi, interior eye candy!

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Snake Plant

Care Instructions

These new family members are easy to care for. Give them bright, indirect sunlight, and allow soil to dry completely between waterings.

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When there is minimal sunlight, and your plant must depend on artificial light.


Every 2-3 Weeks

Allow soil to dry out between waterings.

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Know Your Roots Meet the farmer

Farmer Meredith

Farmer Meredith


Meredith believes in doing home decor differently. That’s why, since 2013, she has been cultivating and crafting unique plants that transform spaces and bring them to life. For Meredith, plants are living art meant to inspire those who come into contact with them. Driven by her love of travel and exploration, Meredith isn’t afraid to go somewhere new with her designs. This love for the imagination and willingness to look at life with a creative eye is why we’re so happy to shine a light on her incredible plants.

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