This fragrant arrangement showcases sweet-scented pink rose lilies.

Why, this Bouq is bloomtastic. It’s farm-freshtastic. It’s eye-catchingtastic. Why, it’s Charisma! Pink and white rose lilies combine the beauty of two of our favorites into a single breathtaking bloom, opening to reveal a striking double layer of petals on each stem. It’s kinda the best of the Pink Ladies. 

Please note our rose lilies arrive in bud form for weeks of enjoyment. This Bouq features an assorted mix of pink and white rose lilies, so colors may vary from photo. Bouq may be a single color. 


Care Instructions

Lilies are delivered in bud form. Trim at an angle, add to water and refresh every 2 days. Retrimming the ends every 2 days will maximize their vase life! Once bloomed, use a piece of tissue or gloves to remove lily pollen (stamens) from the center of the flower to prevent staining. If you get a little on your clothing, use a pipe cleaner or a piece of tape to remove pollen before it sets into clothing. Dangerous if ingested - Keep away from all pets.

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When the path of sunlight reaching your plant is not direct, or is filtered by something else (ex: sheer curtains).


Every 2-3 Days Full

Keep your vase filled with water. Water should be changed every 2 to 3 days.

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Know Your Roots Meet the farmer

Farmer Lane

Farmer Lane


Founded by a high school teacher and one of his students with five acres of Iris and a few rows of daffodils, Lane has helped grow the farm to be the #1 producer of cut flowers in the USA. How did they do it? Simple, staying committed to building a hardworking and happy workforce. Take a walk through the fields of their farms and you'll find Lilies, Gerbera Daisies, Tulips, Asters, Delphinium, as well as other seasonal crops. Plus, a trip to any of their greenhouses is like entering a world of color!

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