This bouquet is arranged with colorful, assorted spray roses.

This colorful Bouq is like waking up on Saturday, putting the top down, and hitting the open road. Known for their petite, beautiful blooms, spray roses uniquely combine chill with charm.

Please note that spray roses feature multiple smaller blooms per stem.

Spray Roses

Care Instructions

Spray roses have multiple blooms per stem which can arrive in bud form. Trim stems at an angle and remove leaves as needed while ensuring remaining leaves are above the water line.

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When the path of sunlight reaching your plant is not direct, or is filtered by something else (ex: sheer curtains).


Every 2-3 Days Full

Keep your vase filled with water. Water should be changed every 2 to 3 days.

Video about how our flowers are grown

Know Your Roots Meet the farmer

Farmer Paul

Farmer Paul


The 1st Rose farm in the United States to be certified sustainable, Paul’s farm is able to recycle 100% of its water, and feed the plants using fertilizer through the watering system. His father and partner built their first greenhouses from the ground up in 1979, since Paul has helped turn his family farm into a world-class rose grower.Also, Paul's farm is Certified American Grown and certified by Veriflora.

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