This mix is composed of hydrangeas, white roses, delphiniums and lilies.

Hydrangeas, blue delphiniums, white roses and Lilies of the Nile are surrounded by star-shaped thistle in this breathtaking bouquet. The Stella’s serene shades of blue and tranquil white evoke the calmness and serenity of the ocean. This charming arrangement will make any recipient feel loved!

“I love spending time by the water with my friends and family, and this refined, happy arrangement was inspired by the crisp blues and soft whites found at the beach. I designed the Stella bouquet to have a more fresh, natural feeling to it, as if you picked it yourself!” —Monique Lhuillier

Know Your Roots Meet the farmer

Farmer Juanita


Located in Bogota, this farm was founded in 1968 and grows a huge variety of focal flowers! With an average of twelve hours of sunlight and mild temperatures year-round, the region’s atmosphere makes for optimal growing conditions. Also, the farm is certified by FLORVERDE, who advocates for and reinforces training, child care and family assistance initiatives, among other fair labor standards.

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Available Bouqs

  • Picnic

    A vibrant mix of lavender alstroemeria, yellow sunflower, and pink and peach roses.

    $49 $35 Subscribe for 30% off

    Farmer Benito
    Earliest Delivery:
    Tuesday, Jul 14
  • Wild About U

    This bouquet is arranged with assorted succulents.

    $54 $38 Subscribe for 30% off

    Farmer Mike
    Earliest Delivery:
    Wednesday, Jul 15
  • Flower Subscription

    Flower Subscriptions delivered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. 

    $36 Starts at

    Earliest Delivery:
    Sunday, Jul 10
  • Happy Hour

    An exotic flower mix of red ginger and chili orange

    $49 $35 Subscribe for 30% off

    Farmer Maria
    Earliest Delivery:
    Saturday, Jul 18

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