This bouquet contains roses, matthiolas, veronica, lisianthus and pagodas.

The Yvette makes a thoughtful gift for someone special and brings the right level of elegance to any room.  Fresh roses, matthiolas, veronicas, lisianthus, and pagodas provide sophisticated texture, while rich shades of lavender, deep indigo, and royal purple symbolize loyalty, luxury, and independence.

“When we started designing the collection, I knew I wanted to include a purple bouquet inspired by one of my most popular evening gowns. These regal, vibrant, soft purple flowers will bring a touch of European style to any interior.” —Monique Lhuillier

Meet the farmer

Learn More about how our flowers are grown

Farmer Benito


Originally founded in his parent’s backyard, Farmer Benito’s farm now grows some of the world’s best statice flower and alstroemeria. The farm boasts an outstanding team of devoted employees who enjoy good benefits like paid vacation and educational programs for their kids. Some of his employees have been working there for over 30 years! Also, Benito's farm is Rainforest Alliance certified.

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