Flowers for Men

Flowers for men is an underrated gift for the men in your life. Whether it’s for fathers, husbands, friends, or co-workers, eye-catching flowers can freshen any space.

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Send Flowers for Him

When people need a gift for the women in their lives, they often choose flowers. For guys, they’re left scratching their heads trying to come up with thoughtful gifts.

Tools? Scratch that. He's not Mr. Fix-it. A tie? Maybe, but so many workplaces skip suits in favor of business casual. A video game? Sure, if you look forward to scrolling through social media while he blasts space creatures.

Why not send flowers? Whether he’s your dad, your best bud, or that special guy who makes your heart bloom, you can surprise him with a floral gift from Bouqs.

Flower Arrangement Recommendations for "Masculine" Flowers

Um, women like pink flowers and men like blue flowers, so. . . Come on! It’s the 21st century. Guy flowers are any flowers you give to a guy. Believe it or not, lots of guys love flowers, and getting a Bouq will make his heart bloom.

Choose any flower arrangement you want! If you need some help, try to match his personality. Does he enjoy being the life of every party? Choose an arrangement with bold, risky color combinations or shapes, like a bird of paradise flower. Is he the strong, silent type? Try a more subdued, monochromatic bunch of blossoms. Does his smile light up a room and brighten every day? Sunflowers make a perfect choice.

When you shop at The Bouqs Co., you can select an arrangement by type, occasion, price range, delivery time, and a bunch of other factors. Browse until you find something you think he’ll love.

Birthday Flowers for the Guys in Your Life

Surprise him with a flower delivery for his birthday. Whether you live across town or on the other side of the country, Bouqs will let your man know you’re thinking about him on his special day. If you really want to go all out, follow up with a gift basket, a bottle of his favorite beverage, or tickets to a game or show.

Flower Arrangements Help Your Love Blossom

He makes your heart skip a beat. A bunch of roses will let him know. You want a unique way to say “Happy Anniversary!” Pick a Bouq that reminds you of your wedding flowers. You got stuck at the office and missed date night with your boyfriend AGAIN. Send flowers in his favorite color to show him how you feel — you love him but hate that client who always has last-minute changes.

Plant One on Him

Help your guy go green with a plant from Bouqs. Live plants are essential elements of a vibrant home or office. Whatever the occasion, send a plant, and he’ll think of you every time it catches his eye. For Bouqs of reasons or no reason at all, treat the man in your life to a beautiful bouquet.


What are the best flowers for him?

The best flowers for him are any Bouq you choose with thoughtfulness. If you’re not sure what he’ll like, check out our Fresh Deal of the Week — refreshes every Wednesday.

How can I send floral arrangements to all my buds without breaking the bank?

If you need great gifts for men, flowers fit the bill. Check out our super-flexible subscription service to send flowers to all your favorite guys. Flowers for boyfriend? Check. Flowers for husband? Check. Flowers for dad? Check. Flowers for the friend who watches your dog? Check.

I forgot my dad’s birthday. Does that mean I won’t be his favorite anymore?

Don’t be ridiculous. Your dad knows you’re never on time. Check your delivery date and check out our bouquets with the same-day delivery tag. He'll receive his bouquet as fast as he would from the local florist. Keep in mind that availability may vary.