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Anniversary Flowers

Newly married? Long-time partners? Need a gift to celebrate Mom and Dad's 25th? Our curated collection of anniversary flowers offers fresh bouquets, from sweet and simple to elegant and ornate, to mark the moment.

$12 Delivery, Free for Weekday Orders $100+

  • These flowers are composed of stunning white ranunculus.

    Starts at $44

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    Farmer David
    Earliest Delivery:
    Tuesday, Aug 27
  • These roses come in assorted purple-toned colors.

    Starts at $44

    Sa agrinag%40
    Farmer Juan Pablo
    Earliest Delivery:
    Monday, Aug 26
  • This flower arrangement is made with red & pink roses.

    Starts at $69

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    Artisan Florist
    Hand Delivered
    Earliest Delivery:
    Wednesday, Aug 21
  • This fragrant flower bouquet is blooming with purple & pink freesia.

    Starts at $45

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    Farmer Ben
    Earliest Delivery:
    Thursday, Aug 22

Whether you’ve been married for over a decade or you’ve just reached your first year together as a couple, anniversaries are an important milestone for any relationship. They’re special occasions that are worth celebrating, and we know there’s a lot to prepare as you’re marking down your calendars. Maybe you’re starting to make reservations for a nice candlelit dinner at the place your partner has been dropping subtle hints about. But what about after the meal? You can be a classic romantic and catch a movie or a show afterwards, or you can go all out with a sunset hot air balloon ride. Whichever you decide on, we know that you can’t leave out a lovely batch of anniversary flowers to top everything off.

There’s no question that roses are generally the flower of love, but our artisan-designed arrangements for your special day showcase other vibrant blooms as well: our signature red roses for fans of the classics, colorful freesias for partners who love sweet gestures, and tulips to symbolize your passionate love. Our anniversary collection was carefully curated to ensure that we can add that extra touch of romance following your date night plans. Gift your dearest one of our sustainable Bouqs and enjoy a long-lasting display of the most stunning farm-fresh creations – together, of course.

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