Fun Ideas for Your Next Winter Date

Winter Date Ideas

Winter weather doesn’t always scream, “Go outside and have fun!” But after spending all day at the office that always seems either too cold or too hot, we think you’ll be able to brave the weather if it means having a fun date with your partner! Or maybe you and your partner are so perfectly matched that neither of you like spending an extra minute outside more than is necessary! Don’t worry. We’ve done the hard work for you and came up with fun winter date ideas that’ll satisfy any couple’s date style!


Go outside and enjoy the season

Are you ready to prove that summer isn’t the only time for outdoor dates? Here’s a list of fun dates that you and your partner will love, you’ll forget when it’s time to go back inside.

Ice skating becomes available nationwide during the wintertime, regardless of whether you’re in Los Angeles or New York. You don’t have to be a pro at ice skating to have fun (although maybe opt for your thicker pair of pants just in case). But hey, if you are a pro, that just means you can give your partner some tips and tricks or catch them when they fall!

Sightseeing the holiday lights and decorations are perfect for when you want to enjoy a good conversation while the lights twinkle in your partner’s eyes. You likely already know which block has the best lights, but if not, head to your local downtown area and you’re sure to get into the festive spirit! Bonus points if you grab a hot chocolate to keep you both warm during the walk!

If you’d rather not walk to see the holiday lights, opt for a sleigh ride instead! There’s something extra romantic about leaving behind modern technologies like cars and hoverboards and riding in a horse-drawn carriage with your loved one keeping you warm. You don’t have to avoid all technology though. You won’t want to miss snapping a pic of you and your partner’s perfect winter date!

If you want to spend alone time with your partner away from crowds, try a hike! Nature has a different kind of beauty in the winter. Keep an eye out for flowers that bloom in winter, like snowdrops and holly bushes. You and your partner won’t even feel the cold as the exercise will warm you right up! Impress your partner by pulling out a thermos full of cider. It’ll make the view from the top even more perfect!

Get festive with your partner by having a date walking through a Christmas tree farm. Bring a warm drink that you can both sip while taking in the seasonal scents of pine and trying to find the largest tree in the farm. If you’re home doesn’t allow for a big tree, a collection of wreaths can be decorated as beautifully as a Christmas tree without the hassle of trying to get the tree through the door in one piece.

Stay inside and cozy up

Maybe life is always taking you and your partner outside for errands, daily commutes, etc. The winter becomes the perfect excuse for you and your significant other to decline invitations from friends because it’s “too cold” and spend it strengthening your connection instead. Here are some cute date ideas that are sure to warm up any couples’ winter!

Movie nights are the perfect go-to date when you’re in the mood to be cozy and cuddly with your loved one! Mix it up this classic indoor date move by going for a specific movie theme with a double feature! You and your partner each choose your favorite holiday movie, childhood movie or horror movie if that’s more your style. Whatever movies you pick, a build-your-own hot chocolate bar or popcorn bar will add some oomph to your movie night!

When was the last time you made a blanket fort? Whip out every sheet and blanket you can find, add some pillows and string lights, and you and your partner are ready to put your teamwork skills to the test! To add an extra homey touch, hang a wreath at the entrance of your fort (you’ll both never want to leave!). Once your fort is finished, order takeout, grab some drinks, and have a romantic dinner inside the blanket fort with your loved one.

When it’s too cold outside, it’s time to get crafty inside! Get your hands dirty and test out your DIY skills with your partner. If you have a bouquet that’s starting to wilt, give it new life by making a DIY candle with dried flowers. After, your candles will be ready for your next home dinner date.

If takeout isn’t so much of your guys’ thing, have some fun in the kitchen with your partner as you both try to follow a recipe from a cooking show. You’ll both have a blast complaining about how difficult it is to follow cooking instructions from a show, or you’ll both learn a hidden talent and come out with a delicious, homemade meal!

Get creative and festive with your partner by decorating your space for the holidays! With everyone’s busy schedules, now is the time to focus on your home and turn it into a winter wonderland! Throw on some tunes and you’ll both have a great time sprinkling fake snow and tinsel everywhere and decorating your Christmas tree. Don’t forget to decorate with the smells of fall and winter, too, with some of our seasonal Bouqs!


Whether you decide to have your next date outside, inside, or somewhere in between, there’s something fun for every couple’s style! If you need a little help inspiring romance, The Bouqs Co. Is a great place to start as we know we have a Bouq that’s sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face!

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