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Which Plants & Flowers Grow Best in the Shade

Plants and flowers that thrive in shady gardens

When you have a beautiful garden, life is a little more beautiful. You might also like to gift lush plants to your friends and family. But what if you are having problems growing plants in spots in your garden that get lots of shade? This is a common problem, so no need to worry. Lots of flowers and plants need full sunlight to grow properly. Shade plants don’t, however!

There are plenty of plants that like little to no direct sunlight and are just begging to be planted in your garden. Try one of these partial shade plants or full shade plants to perfect your beautiful garden! If you’re looking for some indoor plant recommendations, check out our guide to the best bathroom plants.


Partial Shade Plants

One of these partial shade plants will be best suited for a spot that gets a few hours of sun each day but mostly stays in the shade and out of direct sunlight.

Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum is a beautiful, crisp white flower partial shade plant. They also less commonly come in a pink or purple color. If you plant the sweet alyssum in a large enough scale, your garden will have a sweet honey fragrance (hence the “sweet” in their name!) These partial shade plants attract lots of lovely little pollinators, so if you’re looking to help the bees out look no further!


The coleus plant, also known as the poor man’s croton or painted nettle, proves that just because a plant doesn’t grow flowers doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful and colorful. Their leaves will grow in different combinations of green, pink, yellow, red, and maroon. As long as these partial shade plants get plenty of water, a couple hours of sunlight, and well draining soil, they will continue to bloom and stay happy.

Wishbone Flower

These flowers are the best of both worlds: low maintenance and insanely beautiful. Their stamen is what gives it their name as they are shaped like a wishbone. In fact, once the stamen has been pollinated, they break in half just like the wishbone when being wished on during Thanksgiving! You can expect either blue, pink, purple, white, or yellow blooms from spring until frost.


These partial shade flowers come in many different colors, from pink, to orange, to purple, to white, or even yellow and petals have lots of unique patterns on them. This makes them an easy choice to add to your garden since there are so many different options. If you have pets, you should be careful where you plant them as the foxglove is highly poisonous.


Full Shade Plants

One of the following full shade plants will do well in shade or indirect sunlight all day long.


Begonia’s are a good low maintenance full shade plant to add to your garden. All they need other than shade is well drained soil, water, and fertilizer. Begonias come in all different kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors so they are a good option because you can choose the perfect flower to fit in your garden. To note if you are specifically looking for a full shade plant: the old fashioned wax begonias are the best choice. Newer types of begonias will like full sun.


Otherwise known as the lungwort, which sounds gross, this plant used to be used frequently to aid in lung conditions. They prefer a mostly shaded area, but can handle a little bit of sun as long as the soil stays moist. Their flowers bloom in blue, pink, and white and change as they mature. Bees love this flower, plant them and help our bee friends out!


When given the proper living conditions this flower will multiply each year they bloom! These woodland flowers prefer damp conditions and would be best suited planted with an equal part soil and peat moss. Primrose oil can be used for various skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis and is often used in soaps and skincare products.

Of course, if you need more flowers in your life and run out of space in your garden, you can always order a fresh Bouq from yours truly!

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