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John Tabis on Getting to Know the People Behind Your Employees

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Chances are, you probably spend more time with the people you work with than with your friends or family. But how well do you really know them?

Turns out getting to know your colleagues may be more important than you think.

Real company growth comes not only from building successful products and services, but from creating a work environment where employees are motivated and — dare we say it — happy!

Bouqs.com Developers

Melissa & Nhi, Bouqs.com Developers

Research shows that the happiest workers are also the most productive, efficient, and successful.

So what makes employees happy? Shared accountability and a deep sense of trust are essential ingredients. Encourage collaboration and promote camaraderie by meeting regularly with your team, and do your best to learn about each member’s unique strengths, weaknesses, and goals.

Each month our CEO, John Tabis, gathers all the Bouqs Troops for a company-wide town hall meeting — even our colleagues on the Volcano Skype in! But we don’t talk about site improvements or our brand strategy. We even ban the F-word (flowers, duh!). Instead, our Culture Chef interviews one Bouqs team member about their personal accomplishments, where they grew up, what they do outside of the office, and more.

Bouqs.com Designers

Mai & Bruce N., Bouqs.com Designers

In our most recent town hall meeting, we learned that Bouqs Design guru Mai N. is not only one heck of an ice hockey competitor, but she has also traveled through Europe playing classical piano!

Trivial details? We think not. Because it’s the little things that bring us closer together, and it’s that sense of unity that helps us succeed.

Connect with John on Twitter @JohnGTabis

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